Cleaning after a crime
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Cleaning after a crime

After we had our home burgled I had to clean it from top to bottom. It felt kind of dirty at home, as though all of our possession had been contaminated by the crime. I know that everyone whose home is broken into or the victim of a crime at home goes through similar feelings of creepiness and a need to clean. I thought it might be useful to start a blog to discuss how to clean the house or the best cleaning services to use to help your house feel like a home again. It should be useful to anyone who has gone through a bad experience and needs a fresh start in their own beloved home.


Cleaning after a crime

3 Changes You Can Make To Ease The Burden Of Keeping The House Clean

Warren Nguyen

There's no getting around it; cleaning is a necessary part of life. However, it can often feel like a burden when you're trying to juggle so many other responsibilities, such as work and looking after the kids. The bigger cleaning jobs often get put off until they can't be ignored any longer, and this often leads to people cleaning during holiday time or at the weekend when they should be enjoying their free time. Here are three changes you can make to ease the burden of keeping the house clean and free up some of your valuable time:

Create Smart Habits

You can reduce the build-up of dirt and make cleaning more manageable by building smart habits into your home life. For example, if you place several paper towels on the base plate of your microwave, you won't have ring marks to clean up. After heating your food, simply remove the top paper towel and you'll have a clean surface next time you use the microwave. Removing excess water from the tiles and shower screen after every shower is another smart habit that will make life easier. It doesn't take long when you use a squeegee, and it stops soap scum building up, which can take some elbow grease to remove. Look around your home and see where you could implement little changes to save you time.

Break Tasks Down And Schedule Them Into Your Week

Finding the time to clean the entire house in one go can be a struggle, but staying on top of the housework will feel less overwhelming if you break each task into small chunks that take around fifteen minutes to do and schedule them into your week. This way, you don't have to give up a whole evening to cleaning, and you can clean in those small windows of time that often go to waste. For example, you could wipe out one kitchen cupboard a day while preparing your evening meal. If you have a young child who needs to be supervised in the bath, you could clean the toilet and sink while they play in the bath. You don't have to vacuum the whole house in one go, and vacuuming one room a day gives you the satisfaction of completing a task regardless of how the rest of your day has gone.

Hire Help For Deep Cleaning Jobs

Deep cleaning jobs that need to be done a couple of times a year tend to be time-consuming and labour-intensive. Paying for someone else to do these jobs can take the pressure off you and prevent you falling behind with other commitments or giving up time you usually set aside for your own well-bring. You don't have to commit to a long-term financial outlay. Just hiring someone a couple of times a year to deep clean your kitchen cupboards and scrub your oven can be a huge help.

You can also save time and energy by having your heavy laundry professionally cleaned. When it's time to clean the duvets, mattress toppers and pillows, don't fret over trying to get larger items in your machine and then get everything dry before they start to smell musty. Use a mobile laundry service for large bedding items and you won't even have to leave the house. They'll collect your laundry and return it to you, so you can spend your time on something more enjoyable.

These small changes can help you achieve more balance by helping you stay on top of essential cleaning tasks and giving you some time back, so give them a go.