Cleaning after a crime
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Cleaning after a crime

After we had our home burgled I had to clean it from top to bottom. It felt kind of dirty at home, as though all of our possession had been contaminated by the crime. I know that everyone whose home is broken into or the victim of a crime at home goes through similar feelings of creepiness and a need to clean. I thought it might be useful to start a blog to discuss how to clean the house or the best cleaning services to use to help your house feel like a home again. It should be useful to anyone who has gone through a bad experience and needs a fresh start in their own beloved home.


Cleaning after a crime

4 daily cleaning habits of people with a spotless house

Warren Nguyen

If you are in envy of a friend or family member with a sparkling home you might be wondering how you can get your house looking as good. Here are some daily cleaning habits to embrace before you head to bed to ensure that your home looks great. 

Put away school or work bags as you walk in the door

Rather than scattering possessions as you walk in the door, take the extra time to put away the bags and any uniforms or shoes away. That way not only will they not litter the house and cause tripping hazards, the house will look cleaner and you'll spend less time looking for items in the morning rush. It can be useful to have a hook or special rack to store your morning items.

Wash the dishes

Rather than leaving a full sink of dirty dishes it's important to get the dishes washed and packed away. It doesn't take too long, especially if you tackle each day's dishes as they build up. Once you've done the dishes wipe down the sink to give it a shiny and bright look. This helps the kitchen to look better as well as reduce the smell of the food scraps which can make the house feel grubbier. 

File or throw out mail each day

It's easy to leave mail piling up, but this creates an untidy mess and can make it all too easy to lose important letters and bills. Often the majority of mail that comes in can easily be filed or disposed of each day as more and more personal correspondence comes in by email and social media. 

Choose a room to focus on each night

Each night head into one room and spend 5 minutes doing a job such as cleaning away clutter, reorganising books or dusting high areas including cornices or picture rails. By tackling one of these jobs each night you can often have a much tidier house. This can reduce the amount of time you need to spend on weekly cleaning by rotating through the less common tasks each night over time.

If you are having trouble keeping your house as clean as you'd like it can also often be useful to get a professional cleaner to clean the house once a week. This can be a great way to lift the standard of the house and make it easier to maintain with daily cleans.