Cleaning after a crime
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Cleaning after a crime

After we had our home burgled I had to clean it from top to bottom. It felt kind of dirty at home, as though all of our possession had been contaminated by the crime. I know that everyone whose home is broken into or the victim of a crime at home goes through similar feelings of creepiness and a need to clean. I thought it might be useful to start a blog to discuss how to clean the house or the best cleaning services to use to help your house feel like a home again. It should be useful to anyone who has gone through a bad experience and needs a fresh start in their own beloved home.


Cleaning after a crime

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Carpet Cleaning

Warren Nguyen

Cleaning your carpets is something that you may put off until it's absolutely necessary, just so that you avoid the expense and hassle of wet carpets. However, having your carpets cleaned can be a good idea for your home's appearance and resale value, for the sake of the carpeting itself, and even for your health. Note a few commonly asked questions about carpet cleaning so you can discuss these with a company you might call or better understand why this job should be done, even if you do it on your own.

1. How often should carpets be cleaned?

This answer will be affected by your home's overall traffic and the carpet itself. Obviously, if you have pets, teenagers who tend to run through the house without removing their shoes, or just several occupants of the home, your carpets will get dirtier than someone who lives alone and who is very faithful about removing their shoes at the door. Consider too that carpets with higher fibers may also tend to hold more dirt and dust than those with a very low nap.

Note too that you want to have your carpets cleaned more often if you smoke or have allergies. Carpet fibers will hold cigarette smoke, pet hair and dander, pollen, and other irritants. Don't wait until you can actually see dirt in your carpet to have them cleaned if this applies to you, but have the carpets shampooed every year or even every quarter in these cases.

2. Why do some stains remain after cleaning?

Certain stains may go through the carpet to the backing so that they cannot come out completely even with carpet shampooing. Filtration stains are one such problem; these are stains you see along the baseboards. There are usually drafts that pull dirt and dust toward this area of the carpet, which then acts like a filter for this debris. In turn, the carpet gets stained, but this stain goes all the way down to the carpet's backing and can rarely be removed completely with shampooing.

3. Does shampooing remove heavy indentation from furniture?

This often depends on the extent of the indentation. If the fibers are just matted, shampooing can often bring them back to life. However, if the indentation goes all the way down to the carpet backing, once this gets ruined, then the carpeting may not be able to be restored. You may need to have the section that is indented actually replaced in order for it to look like new.

For more information, contact a local carpet cleaning company.